Chester PSPO: Ongoing Protest

There is an ongoing campaign to introduce a ‘Public Space Protection Order’ in and around Chester City Centre.

We at DARL are opposed to this order as we believe that it is an unnecessary layer of law and bureaucracy. We are lobbying councillors and suggesting what we believe to be ‘a better way’ of solving some real issues in Chester.

We have been involved in the direct protests too, and it was good to see our ‘Criminology Ambassador’ Beth McJury getting herself on the BBC North West Evening news. This protest was about the proposal to fine ‘rough sleepers’ £100.00 ‘on the spot’. We did not organise this protest, but congratulate those that did on the excellent level of exposure generated.

The comedian and activist Mark Thomas came along to add weight to the protest. We will be posting more about this order soon, as well as details of our ‘third way’ approach.
Beth McJury

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