Roary’s Collaboration Cave: Nearly there

It used to be offices above the old Honda Garage, but not for much longer. It is going to be a new hub for creative and tiny business in Chester , and Hoole in Particular.

Our new lair is home to the Chester community Circus, Roary’s Hot 100 as well as Dragons are real, and in addition we will soon be offering

A collaborative office/ meeting room with spaces from £5.00 a day (assuming that you pay monthly)
A self standing office from £100.00 per week.
A music studio/teaching room.

There’s a whole lot more to come too including meetings, seminars and art displays.

Right now to make this work for everyone, we need furniture- good trestle tables and chairs mainly, and we need people to use us. I am inviting people who have already expressed interest along for a tour. If you are interested in a great place to work please leave a message on 07450 191690 or email

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