Dragons ARE Real: What we do

Here at DARL we like to help– below is a list of some of the things we can help with, and what you can expect to pay.

Creative Writing Words sell. Good words sell more. Professional copy will give your website or flyers an edge on the competition. 500 words– including one revision for just £75.00
Music composition/ Scoring We can compose as well as score your compositions. From a jingle to a Company song. £80.00 per hour(one hour would get a three minute song scored for four part strings)
Recording Music We can record live, in our studio, or create fully electronic music. Our engineers, producers and session players can work anywhere, and cover most musical genres. £80.00 per hour—
In an hour we could record a 15 minute podcast with video. Perfect for boosting morale or an advert on you tube!
Web Site Building We do a lot of this Basic websites with domain name, hosting, and either 5 pages of content or three hours training on offer for just £100!
Social media integration and strategy This is really cost effective– how long do you spend writing a decent post and getting it out to your customers? If you spend an hour to write a post, and pay yourself minimum wage we can save you money!
Affiliate marketing You won’t make a fortune, but it does work. Hot 100 members get a free affiliate marketing opportunity We can set you up to sell your products or other peoples. Rates from £80.00 per hour plus any ad fees
Google Adverts you can add these to your site, or use them to sell your product. We have all the relevant experience to help you target your ads. We can monitor them, and improve them. Contracts start from £80.00 per year
Photography Good photos strengthen your brand and image. You tube videos are important too. We have real experts available either on their own or in conjunction with other team members £80.00 an hour. It’s a bargain price for a truly quality product
Graphic Design The way your brand looks is vital. We specialise in ‘different’ Clean, corporate and beige is easy £80.00 an hour. Once again, we are leaders, not followers. People copy us, not the other way around
Event management/ organisation From team building days to festivals. We’ve done it and do it. Negotiable, we believe in community events and help where we can.
The Hot 100 club (invitation only) The ethical elite of Chester’s business £25.00 per year for the first thirty members
CD distribution Online via ebay and amazon, our shop and your website. Next day delivery too.
We can help with duplication, MCPS and PRS too
Set up fee around £50.00 depending on need, then £3.00 per CD. We can also add in an advertising package targeting recent gigs!
Video production We mix music and images- have a look HERE Custom music, and some photos of our dog Razzle become this. This with the custom music is around £300.00, or £120.00 if you use your own soundtrack


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